During the last week, the international online conference “Gender equality in CEE countries: Policies and practices 2020 / Institutional change through the implementation of GEPs at the RPOs and RFOs in the CEE countries””, was organized. This conference was sponsored by the Research Council of Lithuania and its purpose was to bring together promoters and implementers of the Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) focused in H2020 projects and researchers exploring gender issues in science in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

As a partner in the Letsgeps Project, the University of Tirana was immediately motivated to participate in the conference, to hear and know more about the achievements of other sister projects and also to share their experiences.


As the focus of the conference was on the CEE countries, sharing common features, background, cultural inheritance and challenges represented a grat point of interest. The participation to the Conference served for University of Tirana as a throwback to recollect its most important topics within the Letsgeps project so far, like:
  • description of the context of Albania and the University of Tirana, together with some basic data regarding gender balance and gender equality;
  • some of the activities performed in the framework of the project and how these activities have already set the tone for the rest of the project;
  • the difficulties that have been encountered;
  • the main challenges for the future of the project, especially in the context of implementing the GEP.
The participants of the conference were introduced with the Letsgeps project not only through the University of Tirana presentation but also through the presentation from the other partners in the project, the Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MISANU).

It was very important for the University of Tirana to share this experience with other participants who, in a way or another, have passed through the same difficulties, know the challenges and also how to overcome them.

For the University of Tirana it was greatly inspiring to participate in such an event, not as much as because of the vastly rich information available, but more for the spirit and the ideas that were shared during the two days event among participants.
The occasion to notice both the commonalities in the challenges, but also the many experiences and instances of success increased the motivation to continue working on LeTSGEPs, since it represents an important occasion of empowerment to support the equality of women researchers and academicians in Albania.
Source Photo: https://gender-spear.eu/news/19/gender-equality-in-cee-countries-policies-and-practices-2020-institutional-change-through-implementation-of-geps-at-the-rpos-and-rfos-in-the-cee-countries