At last, amid pandemic storms, sick colleagues, deadlines, academic emergencies, incumbent deliveries, we succeeded in fulfilling another of our projects goals, but, let’s admit it, what a run! We have therefore one more reason to be proud of the training materials in seven languages that we are presenting here to you today: because there were so many obstacles to overcome in order to achieve a result that in “normal times” would have been much easier and immediate to have.

Therefore, on behalf of all the Unimore team, many thanks to all the partners and colleagues that translated in their mother tongue languages the training materials that we used in our previous online training sessions on Gender Budgeting and Gender Equality Plans.

We do think that having these translated training materials may be really helpful for Research and Performing Organization in spreading the awareness, the knowledge and the technical skills on these two important tools for Gender Equality.

Let’s practice now! We can learn about Gender Budgeting and Gender Equality Plans in: English, Albanian, French, German, Italian, Serbian, Spanish…no more excuseeessss!!!

Please download training materials from our Training directory here: