Part of WP6 will be the creation of a Storytelling plan for LeTSGEPs, with key narrative points for communication activities during the course of the project. It will also include other communication and dissemination activities, such as the creation of the Communication and Dissemination plan, visual identity, website, videos and supporting material.

To maximize the impact of the project, WP6 will organize a series of events addressed to different stakeholders, both local and international.

As well as communication and dissemination activities, WP6 will also develop a handbook for RPOs that will guide institutions in the replication of GEPs. This will be a key tool to promote a sustainable model of GEP, with details tailored to the specific national context of the RPOs involved.

WP6 Deliverables

WP Leader: Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MISANU)