WP2 will study the state of the art of Gender Budgeting in research institutions, to define a set of best practices that will help to implement Gender Audit and Budgeting at each institution. The core of the research will be performed by UNIMORE and UNIME and will gather information at different stakeholder levels; at the same time, each partner will gather additional information specifically about their home countries. This research will also focus on possible examples of resistance to the implementation of Gender Budgeting.

WP2 will also focus on identifying possible gender biases rooted in the internal procedures of the institutions involved, so to identify the best measures and actions to tackle them and ensure gender equality. To do so, the staff of research institutions will be directly involved in working groups that will analyze the procedures that may impact on gender equality. MISANU will coordinate the establishment of the GEP working groups.

Following this analysis, the internal situation of each research institution will be assessed according to a shared methodology, that will also include a series of tools to promote a participatory approach to gender auditing.

These activities will be preparatory activities for the development of the training strategy (in WP3) and the implementation of Gender Equality Plans in each research institution (in WP4).

WP2 Deliverables

WP Leader: Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia (UNIMORE)