WP4 will see the design and implementation of Gender Equality Plans in involved research institutions.

Each RPO will design customized GEPs, based on the results of the internal gender assessment and auditing. The GEPs will be validated in different stages, starting from the working groups to higher management levels within the institutions.

The implementation will follow each custom design; therefore, the specific elements and areas to be addressed may vary from institution to institution. The implementation will be carried out in two iterations. At the end of the first one, the results of the GEPs will be evaluated (as part of WP5) and partially redesigned, under the coordination of each RPO working group.

Then, the adjusted GEPs will be tested during the second iteration; this phase will also include the design of a plan for the actions to be carried out beyond the duration of the project.

During the implementation of GEPs, each partner will be assisted by a local mentor. A key aspect will be the prevention of any potential conflicts during the process, as well as the monitoring of problematic issues specific to each RPO.

WP4 Deliverables

WP Leader: University of Tirana