WP5 will include a process of continuous monitoring during the GEPs implementation, to learn from successes and challenges, and improve the process through adjustments. Within this framework, WP5 will work closely with WP2, WP3 and WP4, to evaluate and mutually inform the WP activities.

To monitor LeTSGEPs activities, WP5 will develop a set of tools using a mixed-method approach involving both quantitative and qualitative data. Moreover, virtual consulting and monitoring sessions will be held regularly, to ensure continuous reflection and feedback during all phases of the project (such as assessment, planning, training and implementation).

On a different level, WP5 will include a summative evaluation, that will assess the outcome of the project within the research institutions involved, but also its overall impact (according to previously defined key indicators). The evaluation will explore: the institutional and individual factors that influenced the implementation of GEPs; the impact of GEP implementation; the impact of LeTSGEPs as a whole.

WP5 Deliverables

WP Leader: RWTH Aachen University