On December 22nd, 2023, over 60 students from Serbia and from abroad attended the New Year Edition of the Student Seminar hosted by MISANU. During the event, MISANU presented one of its most outstanding achievements of the year, the Handbook for Sustainable GEPs in Serbian language. Mrs. Biljana Nedeljkov, the Gender Equality Officer, presented the Handbook, which is the final product of the HORIZON 2020 project LeTSGEPs. 

The Handbook provides several useful tools for integrating Gender Equality Plans and Gender Budgeting to improve gender equality in the lives of RPOs. In 2023, MISANU became nationally recognized for its excellence in improving gender equality by being one of the first Serbian RPOs to adopt and implement GEP. This recognition attracted the attention of other institutions working towards the same goal, such as UN Women in Serbia, the OSCE Mission in Serbia, and the Office of National Officer for Gender Equality. 

The MISANU team put a lot of effort into preparing and printing the Handbook in all national languages of the LeTSGEPs partners. The Serbian edition of the Handbook is the first of its kind in the Serbian language. It contains a theoretical background and methodological approach to the actions leading to structural changes in RPO, along with valuable insights and experiences from the practice of all LeTSGEPs partners. 

In 2024, the Handbook will be distributed to other RPOs in Serbia who have just started the design of their tailor-made GEPs. After the completion of the LeTSGEPs project, MISANU will continue to promote gender equality and the knowledge gained from the project. 

In the evening, a dinner was organized at the beautiful restaurant Ambar in Belgrade where the first copies of the Serbian Handbook were gifted to partners and friends from Intersection, OSCE Mission in Serbia, sister project MindtheGEP team from the School of the Electrical Engineering, the University of Belgrade, and Everseen Company. The Handbook was presented by Prof. Zoran Markovic and Mrs. Aleksandra Drecun. During the dinner, MISANU’s partners and colleagues congratulated the team on the excellent results and tremendous progress achieved during the four-year-long LeTSGEPs journey. The event evoked fabulous memories and served as a reminder to continue the mission of promoting gender equality in the future.