Dear friends, we are very happy to announce that a new colleague has recently joined the LeTSGEPs’ family, since a new Gender Equality Officer from Max Planck Partner is now in charge: Meryl Malezieux, a postdoctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology and newly elected Deputy Gender Equality Officer of the Institute. She has been interested in gender equality issues for a long time. Finally it was her participation in the local LeTSGEPs Working Group that led to her candidacy as Gender Equality Officer. Together with Gender Equality Officer Jayne Lambert, who is already in her second term, she will lead the structural change process coming with the implementation of a tailor-made Gender Equality Plan.

Welcome in LeTSGEPs Meryl! We do hope to meet you soon in person, in the meanwhile it will be a pleasure to meet you soon on the web!