Our LeTSGEPs implementing partner, University of Tirana, will present on February 4, 2021 on 10:00 -11:30 the event: “The Importance of Gender Equality Plans for Academic and Research Institutions in Albania – Presentation with the Horizon 2020 LeTSGEPs project”. 

The event is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted in detail with the project and its activities, as well as to present the continuation in the future and to discuss various opportunities for cooperation with important national stakeholders.

The University of Tirana has extenderd the invitations to other public universities in Albania, representatives of foreign important institutions such as UNDP, UN Women, representatives of important national institutions such as the Discrimination Protection Commissioner, Sub Commision for Gender equality at the Parliament of Albania, National Council for Gender Equality for Albania, as well to various NGO-s that work in Albania with Gender Equality and Gender Responsive Budgeting Projects.