February is a crucial month for the National Stakeholders Events that LeTSGEPs has planned within the dissemination, communication and sustainability work package.

We are therefore pleased to announce that a National Workshop on “Gender Budgeting in German Research Performing Organisations” will take place at LeTSGEPs’ partner, Max Planck, on the 12th of February, 2021.

Three of the most renowned German experts in the field and one expert from Austria have been invited, as part of the German-speaking scientific community.

The aim is to provide a platform of exchange for the field and awaken the interest of other German RPOs.

It is considered of utmost important also to raise awareness for this topic in all 86 Max-Planck-Institutes and gain support on the leadership level of MPG – with the aim of integrating Gender Budgeting as into MPG-GEPs. For this reason, having as main guest the MPG-vice president Asifa Akhtar, who will hold a welcome-note, is a very good mark of success for LeTSGEPs!