On the 15th of December 2020, the LeTSGEPs team at the University of Tirana organized the first introductory workshop of the project for the internal stakeholders of the Institution. The event took place online on Zoom platform from 10.00 am to 11.30 am and brought together about thirty professionals from academic community and administrative staff of University of Tirana.

The objective of this first online workshop of the LeTSGEPs Project was to present the aims, activities, and perspectives of this project for the internal stakeholders of University of Tirana, such as academic community, research and doctorate students, as well as the administrative staff both at a high level and general administrative employees. The University of Tirana is the only partner representing Albania in the project with the aim to introduce Gender Equality Plans and Budgets.

The vice rector of the University of Tirana, Prof.Assoc.Dr. Bernard Dosti opened the event. He emphasized the importance of having projects on the field of gender equality which make University of Tirana to stand out among other universities in Albania as the first to try to implement a formalized Gender Equality Plan. Prof. Dosti reinforced once again the support for the project from high governing bodies of University of Tirana.

Part of the event was also managed by the vice dean of the Faculty of Economics of University of Tirana, Prof.Dr. Fatmir Memaj, who emphasized the excellent work that women have always performed in previous projects at the University of Tirana.

The local coordinator of the LeTSGEPs Project for the University of Tirana, Prof.Dr. Ingrid Shuli presented more details about the project, the current context of gender equality in Albania, and especially in education system and University of Tirana. Prof. Shuli explained the steps that LeTSGEPs has undertaken so far and also mentioned some of the challenges encountered and also expected for the future, requiring the cooperation and collaboration from all the involved present stakeholders.

Prof.Asoc.Dr. Etleva Leskaj and Prof.Asoc.Dr. Merita Xhumari, two other members of the LeTSGEPs team, focused their presentation on the role of various stakeholders in implementing effective GEPs in RPOs and the importance of training for capacity building and know how transfers.

Finally, a questions and answers session that was planned according the agenda, was transformed into a session with lively discussions among participants. Professors from the University expressed their interest to participate in the future trainings organized in the framework of the project and also in certain tasks that may be performed in future work packages, especially regarding gathering and processing statistical information and also extending gender equality topics in teaching and research curricula in specific departments of University of Tirana.

Although the event lasted more than planned, the participants continued to discuss, what shows the great interest received for the project.

As last remarks, the vice rector, Prof. Dosti again mentioned the support for the project in the future.

Find the University of Tirana news of the event here: http://feut.edu.al/about/news/single-news.html?5fde670a791eaf431e22ce79