On the 4th February 2021, our LeTSGEPs partner,CY Cergy Paris University, organized a National Stakeholders’ event on Gender Equality Plans in RPOs, that hosted as speakers Professors, Researchers and Managers directly involved in GEPs’ implementation like:

Dr. Stefania Marcassa (myself): Gender Equality Officer and Coordinator of LeTSGEPs for CY Cergy Paris Université
Dr. Anis Amokrane: Adoc Talent Management
Dr. Clotilde Coron: Human Resources Management Specialist – IAE Paris
Dr. Carole Chapin: R&D Manager – Adoc Mètis
Dr. Isabelle Kraus: Vice President Diversity Egality – Unistra
Mathieu Arbogast: Project Manager – MPDF
Dr. Sylvie Brodziak: Professor – CY Cergy Paris Université
Dr. Micheline Misrahi: PUPH Professor and Board Member – AFDESRI

The event aimed at a common debate on how the implementation of good practices often requires a profound change in the
functioning of research institutions and meets resistance whether individual, collective or structural. Identifying and understanding these potential obstacles upstream is therefore necessary in order to best support the establishment of a Gender Equality Plan.

The round table allowed therefore for thorough discussion on how to respond to the questions of “What are the good practices for the implementation of a Gender Equality Plan?; What mistakes to avoid?; What reservations can we face? How to avoid them?”

Members of the round table were able to have input and come to an agreement on what needs to be done to successfully layout the needs for implementing a Gender Equality Plan.

The next step will be to take into account everything that was said during the round table. This will provide the foundation to draw up Gender Equality Plans for CY Cergy Paris Université and its partners.