On December 11th two of our LeTSGEPs Leaders, Tindara Addabbo and Jennifer Dahmen-Adkins, will participate to an important Webinar on Gender Budgeting organized by the ACT GenBUDGET Community of Practice (CoP), with the aim to present the CoP’s experience and continue the consensus building of gender budgeting practices.

Gender Budgeting represents a specific focus of LeTSGEPs within GEPs implementation, and may be considered a new unexplored new frontier for RPOs Gender Equality Plans.

According to the definition of the Council of Europe

“…Gender budgeting is an application of gender mainstreaming in the budgetary process. It means a gender-based assessment of budgets, incorporating a gender perspective at all levels of the budgetary process and restructuring revenues and expenditures in order to promote gender equality…[1]

RPOs’ GEPs may therefore be more effective if they can be implemented by the financial perspective, a further, effective, strategy to achieve gender equality.

In fact, even in Universities and Research Centres the decisions mostly concerning people’s education, careers, jobs, lives, but also health, well-being and rights need funds to be implemented. Money thus represents the main key factor to turn decisions in reality and a truth revealer of real decision makers’ intentions: research and careers need money to be developed and to pay human resources, scholarships, infrastructures, premises, etc.

In addition, budget is not a neutral tool, but it reflects the existing distribution of power within RPOs between women and men: developing a gender budgeting analysis also allows to develop a clear awareness on this.

LeTSGEPs is experimenting GEP’s implemented by a Gender Budgeting Analysis in six RPOs Partners: no doubt there will be a lot to say.

Stay tuned!

Program: https://genbudget.act-on-gender.eu/Blog/genbudget-webinar-december-11th-2020

Link to the webinar: https://oru-se.zoom.us/j/69614738197

[1] Council of Europe, (2005). Gender budgeting Final report of the Group of specialists on gender budgeting (EG-S-GB) Equality Division Directorate General of Human Rights, Strasbourg, 2005, https://eige.europa.eu/resources/Gender%20budgeting.pdf