LeTSGEPs was very well represented at the “Gender equality in CEE countries: Policies and practices 2020” held virtually on November 12-13 under auspicious of the Lithuanian Social Research Center. Besides the University of Tirana, also another LeTSGEPs’ partner, the Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MISANU), was part of this very important and interesting initiative, contributing with the different perspective of another country and of the specific characteristics of a Research Institute specialized in Maths.

Marija Šegan Radonjić and Đorđe Baralić from MISANU took part at the International online conference, during  the Roundtable 1 focused on “Experiences and insights from the Central Europe of the panel the Gender Equality Plan as a praxis: retrospective success stories based perspective alleviations”. They could introduce the Gender Equality national and institutional context in the case of Serbia and MISANU, emphasizing the role of its experience and the Gender Equality actions initiated by LeTSGEPS project.

Particularly, it was highlighted the role of LeTSGEPS in promoting Gender Equality Plans and Gender Budgeting within Research Performing Organizations.

The participation of MI SANU team as a partner from South East Europe country with rich history and diverse cultural background lead to establish new collaborations on Gender Equality with colleagues from other Eastern European countries.