Next days will be very very busy for the LeTSGEPs’ Partner Misanu!
We just announced the International Workshop online “Gender Budgeting in Research Institutions” on the 22nd February 2021, while now we announce here another important LeTSGEPs event that will take place again at Misanu on the 17th February,  the National Stakeholders Meeting on GE and GB.
This national meeting, that will be held in Serbian, will start with a first session with the participation of the LeTSGEPs Scientific Coordinator, Prof. Tindara Addabbo, who will join other important speakers like:
  1. The Director of MISANU,
  2. The Assistant Minister for Science at the Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development,
  3. The Rector of the University of Belgrade,
  4. The Director of the UN Women for Serbia, and
  5. The LETsGEPs Project Leader for Serbia, dr Zoran Markovic.
In the second part of the workshop the three other ongoing initiatives aimed at GEPs in RPOs in Serbia will be presented, all also part of the H2020 framework. This is an important occasion for Misanu to remind that a few other leading RPOs in Serbia are already working on their GEPs, and to call for the need and the urgency for the others Serbian RPOs to follow.
Misanu is strongly committed to form a coalition of champions in GE and GB in Research by engaging all other RPOs. The wish is to achieve the support of the Ministry of Science itself, as well as of the national Academy of Sciences, and other ministries, who can jointly support Gender Equality in RPOs at the national level.
Three other GEP initiatives will be then presented:
  1. The Rectorate of the University of Belgrade (
  2. The Law School of the University of Belgrade (which also has a new master program in Law and Gender:,
  3. The Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Belgrade (
Finally, the national framework for GE and GB in Serbia will be presented by Misanu’s colleagues from the relavant state bodies and international partners:
  1. The Coordination Body of the Government of Serbia for GE
  2. The Ministry of Finance (that will share the guidelines of the specific, now mandatory, fremework for GB for all publicly funded institutions in Serbia),
  3. The UN Women Serbia (which supports and funds much of the activities aimed at GE and GB in Serbia) (

Please download here invitation and zoom link to participate:

Program_LeTSGEPs_Misanu 17 02 2021