As previously announced, on the 12th February 2021, Max-Planck hosted a National Stakeholders Workshop focused on Gender Budgeting. The event was successful in engaging all 71 participants from German research organizations and universities in lively and on-point discussions on how to promote Gender Equality in research with a focus on financial resources.

After input talks the expertise of the speakers was enriched in a workshop setting by the experience of the diverse participants working in various functions in German RPOs.

Among many practical suggestions on how to apply Gender Budgeting tools to the diverse institutional settings, one central aspect became very clear – especially taking into account experiences from countries like Austria and Italy: Gender Budgeting needs specific instruments available to a broad audience, driving forces in different levels of the scientific system and a clear commitment of governments and/or individual RPOs. This showed the important role of LeTSGEPs project: offering a clear Gender Budgeting methodology in countries with highly different starting points and committing RPOs to be pioneers for their national scientific community.