LeTSGEPs’ Consortium is happy to announce that the data and the results of our survey on “Gender Differences in Burnout Syndrome and Perceptions of Gender Equality” are available in Open-access mode on the OPENICPSR platform at this link: https://www.openicpsr.org/openicpsr/project/181262/version/V1/view

The survey was distributed to six research performing organisations in Albania, France, Germany, Italy, Serbia, and Spain. We found, with results consistent across countries, that both academic and non-academic women perceive 1) a greater degree of work pressure than men; and, 2) a greater degree of gender inequality than men. For this reason, the fact that women occupy a lower percentage of senior positions than men and do not share the same perception of inequality, may be critical to the resolution of the leaky pipeline phenomenon.

This survey was important to stimulate a positive reaction at the RPOs involved: the results provided incentives to the six organisations to implement measures that address gender biases to ensure a balanced gender representation at decision-making levels, and that improve work-life balance to reduce burnout syndrome and positively affect career satisfaction.

We are therefore very proud to share open data and results with other researchers, hoping that they may help to further advance in research on these topics and thus contribute to enhance knowledge and awareness in this fiels.

The survey was brilliantly carried out by our colleague Stefania Marcassa, from our partner Cèrgy University, as part of the LeTSGEPS’ context analysis implemented for D2.4 – Context and GA
Analysis Report (with University of Messina as Lead Beneficiary of the Deliverable).


Photo by Elisa Ventur on Unsplash