The second project meeting of LeTSGEPs took place on the 13th, 14th, and 19th of May 2020. Due to the COVID19-related travel restrictions and safety measures, we met online: thanks to a careful organisation by MPG and to the active involvement of all participants, the meeting reached its objectives nonetheless. 


We started with project management updates and then moved to the core of the project: we had an intense brainstorming on gender equality, then thorough presentations on Gender Budgeting (GB) and Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) to help all partners understand better what we mean by GB and GEPs. We also had presentations on the training strategy, on the GB experiences analysed by UNIME (the full analysis is available here) and on the establishment of the GEP working groups.


We worked a lot in sub-groups to allow everybody to talk about the situation at home and express their questions and doubts. The use of Google Jam Board helped us to share our views in an active and lively way when we moved back to the discussion with all participants.


Finally, another brainstorming on the combination of GB and GEPs helped us to trace the path for the upcoming months.